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Kutai Tarumanegara

kerajaan kutai
Many results of research that says that the oldest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia is the Kingdom of Kutai

Kutai Kingdom, located in the Mahakam River, East Kalimantan was the first Hindu kingdom in the archipelago patterned. The main source is the kingdom of Kutai seven inscribed stones called yupa. Yupa was written with the letter Pallawa and speaking Sanskrit. Yupa was estimated to be written in the year 400 AD (the 5th century AD). From yupa it is known that the ruling king is Mulawarwan, Aswawarman child, and is the grandson Kudungga.
prasasti mulawarman Also mentioned in it that King Mulawarman yupa provide 1,000 prize bull to the Brahmins. Also, mentioned also that Aswawarman is wangsakarta (founder of the dynasty).
From the various descriptions can be assured that the Kingdom of Kutai has received the influence of Hinduism. However, the influence of Hindu thought after Kudungga completed rule. It was based on Kudungga own name was the original name of Indonesia. Therefore Kudungga not called wangsakarta. King Mulawarman is the greatest king of Kutai and had embraced Hinduism.
Socio-economic life of the Kingdom of Kutai
Judging from the location of the kingdom of Kutai in trade and shipping route between the West and East, the trading activity seems to be the main livelihood. People Kutai has been actively involved in international trade and trade of course they also get to the waters of the East Java Sea and Indonesia to look for merchandise that sold well in the International market. Thus, Kutai has included a stopover area of international trade, namely the Straits of Malacca, Java Sea-Makassar Straits-Kutai - China, or vice versa. 

Culture & Beliefs Kingdom of Kutai
Kutai community cultural life is closely related to belief / religious affiliation. Yupa is one of the Kutai culture, which is a stone monument which is the ancestral heritage of Indonesia from the Megalithic era, namely the form of menhirs. One yupa it mentions a sacred place by the name Waprakeswara (place of worship of Lord Shiva). It can be concluded that the community's religious Kutai is Shiva (Hindu).

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